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ProTechTo is able to develop and realize customized projects based on specific customer needs. We mean about custom products all the variety of solutions that the market of personal protective equipment requires in its various kind of application. ProTechTo support the customer with his requests, evaluates the feasibility and accompanies it towards the definition of the project, prototyping and approval according to the main European directives, also offering a series production service.

– Feasibility study –

– Design –

– Development –

– Testing –

– Maintenance –

Some ProTechTo solutions

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The projects commissioned to Protechto benefit from tax relief from income tax as per the Economic Development Directive below, summarized below: R&D tax credit


Tax credit of 50% on incremental expenses in Research and Development, recognized up to an annual maximum of 20 million € / year per beneficiary and calculated on a fixed basis given by the average of expenses in Research and Development in the years 2012-2014 . The tax credit can be used, even in the case of losses, to cover a wide range of taxes and contributions.

All expenses related to fundamental research, industrial research and experimental development are eligible: costs for highly qualified and technical personnel, research contracts with universities, research institutions, companies, start-ups and innovative SMEs, amortization of instruments and equipment laboratory, technical skills and industrial privatives

The measure is applicable for expenses in Research and Development which will be incurred in the period 2017-2020

Who is addressed

All subjects holding business income:

Italian companies or companies residing abroad with a permanent organization in Italy that carry out Research and Development activities on their own or commission research and development activities.

How to access

Automatically in the preparation of financial statements, indicating the expenses incurred in the tax return, under the RU of the Unico model.

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