Safety first, is safety always - Charles M. Hayes

The project was borne in 2013 out of the idea of ​​three members, who sensed the growing market demand for an “active” personal protection system (PPE) designed to safeguard individuals, engaged in the works or transitions at high altitude, from the consequences of possible falls.

The efficiency of the device has also been proved through a careful analysis of national (INAIL) and international statistics (OSHA – WHO – etc.), which demonstrate that a slippery or a fall causes major accidents in all sectors, both at work and during leisure and sports activities, with very serious consequences for the people involved in those. Therefore, the company intends to bring into the market an innovative personal protection system that will contribute, through its use, to preserve the health of users reducing the costs related to injuries/deaths, both in terms of social (health and welfare) and business costs (insurance costs, costs of production stops, negative return of corporate identity).

ProTechTo S.r.l. has already selected potential partners to be involved during the phases of prototyping and industrialization of the product, based on the technological Know-how and proven expertise in the field of reference. If you believe in the value of the idea fielded by 3 members of ProTechTo S.r.l., do not hesitate to become partners and/or sponsors of the project.

Intellectual Property

On the 19/02/2015, the patent application # VA2015000004 was filed at the Patent and Trademark Office of the Chamber of Commerce of Varese, identifying the definition of the logic for the patented device operating process, the definition of its application fields, the definition of construction materials, the definition of application components and possible evolutions.

On the 11/02/2016, an International patent application no. PCT/IB2016/050717 was filed at the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Both applications have already obtained a positive opinion of patentability through the research reports of appointed companies.



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